Caerphilly District Miners Hospital

Caerphilly District Miners Hospital

Caerphilly District Miners’ Hospital was a Hospital in Caerphilly It was built in 1923 to provide healthcare to the 10,000 miners who worked in the 29 pits of the Rhymney Valley and their families. It was acquired by the miners from Mr Fred Piggott, a coal mining engineer, and was at that stage a red brick mansion known as The Beeches. The weekly subscription was 6d (2½ pence). The hospital received its first patient on 2 July 1923. The wards of the hospital were named after the local pits whose miners contributed to the funds that financed the building of the hospital – Nantgarw, Penallta, Bedwas, Llanbradach, Nelson, and Senghenydd. The hospital was originally used to care for miner’s families in the 1930’s until 1942, where it began to serve the whole community. In October 1945 new nurses homes were built. The mines have all now closed, so the hospital latterly ran as part of the NHS, from 1948, serving the people of Caerphilly Borough.

Another mansion nearby along St Martin’s Road, Redbrook House, provided accommodation and teaching to the hospital’s nurses, but this was demolished controversially in the early 1970s to make way for a housing development.

Following the opening of a new facility Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr at Ystrad Mynach, from 2009. The hospital closed in November 2011.

The site is being redeveloped for housing. The development of 82 houses is expected to incorporate a community centre based in the old main hospital building, the Beeches.

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