Brynaman Lido, Wales

Brynaman Lido, Wales

Brynaman Lido was built by the town, for the town, in the early part of the 20th century, where it continued to be volunteer-run until 2012.

Tucked up against the banks of the river, from where it drew its water, the pool was a focal point for the Brynaman community, attracting 2,000 visitors each summer.

It closed in 2012 when Carmarthenshire County Council said they could not afford to fund necessary repairs.

Ever since the closure of the pool, residents have been lobbying and campaigning to get the pool re-opened.

Eleri Ware, of the Brynaman Lido Committee, set up an online survey in July 2018 and received over 1000 positive responses in only 48 hours.

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