John C. Fremont

John C. Fremont

John C. Fremont was an American military officer, a senator opposed to the slave trade and an explorer, who gave his name to the city of Fremont ca. Today, the city has a cosmopolitan population and is home to many Afghans and Asians, such as Indians, Taiwanese and Chinese. Other immigrants have resulted in an interesting variety of restaurants, namely Armenian, Middle Eastern, Korean and Cuban. One of the city’s surrounding landmarks is the Diablo Range. The highest peak in these hills is Mission Peak and hikers frequent the Peak.

The area was familiar to movie goers in the silent era as several films were shot here, including Charlie Chaplin movies. The 1950s and 1960s brought more industrialization and the Toyota and General Motors plants boosted employment in the 1980s. Fremont ca has continued to thrive with high technology companies coming to the city in recent years. A Celebrate Fremont Gala was held in 2006 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the city. The Fremont ca celebrations included a parade, live music and other events.

There is more development in the pipeline with the proposed plans for Cisco Field baseball stadium, scheduled to open in 2011. The stadium would seat more than 30,000 people and would be the new base for the Oakland Athletics team. Plans have also been put forward for a hotel, movie theatre, restaurant and 2,900 new homes.

The city is home to the California School for the Deaf, a school with excellent facilities and academic and sporting opportunities. The school teaches American Sign Languages and has departments in English, Math, Science and Social Science. The curriculum also includes technical education with subjects, such as Robotics, Computer Services, Construction, Food Education and Horticulture and the Environment. The students at the Fremont ca school can use the Counseling Service and there is a Student Health Unit. Sport is important here too and there are teams for basketball, wrestling, football, volleyball, track and softball.

The nearest airport to the city is the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. It received its new name in 2003, the centenary year of the comedian’s birth. Most of its destinations lie within western USA but flights also go to Dallas, New York City and Columbus and they are non-stop. It’s the closest airport to Hollywood and Disneyland. The Bob Hope Airport Train Station is situated to the south of the airport and operates a free shuttle service between the airport and the train station.

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