Abergavenny’s Bailey Park Pool, Wales

Abergavenny’s Bailey Park Pool, Wales

The open-air swimming pool in Bailey Park, Abergavenny, opened in 1938 and was constructed and operated by Abergavenny Borough Council.

The facility consisted of a large adult bath, a smaller, shallower and squarer bath used by children, as well as a paddling pool and changing boxes bordering the pool.

People used to queue to get in through the turnstile, paying 20p to enter and using spare pennies to buy sweets in the tuck shop.

The baths were closed in 1996 and remained empty until 2006, when they were demolished and filled in.

The Abergavenny Lido Group has previously been campaigning to bring the facility back to its former glory, however.

An outline of the pool was revealed during an aerial survey of the old site, which gave clues to a bygone era.

Roslyn Smith could remember it well.

“In the top left corner is where the cafe used to be and changing rooms down the left hand side of picture [shows the] outline of the walls, if my memories serve me well,” she previously said on the group page.


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