Morecambe West End Pier, Lancashire, UK

Morecambe West End Pier, Lancashire, UK

Work began in 1893, with J. Harker as engineer. It opened in 1896, to a length of 1800 foot and was extended in 1898.

It was breached in two places by a storm in February 1903 and further storm damage occurred in 1907, washing away 180 foot of the extension. The pavilion was wrecked by fire in 1917. After a further storm, on 18th October 1927, the pier measured just 900 foot. It remained, however, a centre for a variety of entertainment despite the loss of the concert building (host to the Viennese Orchestra in 1912). Open-air dancing was popular after the Second World War.

In November 1977, further storm damage wrecked a third of the pier and isolated the open-air dancing and roller-skating area. Repair costs were estimated at a prohibitive £500,000 and the pier was demolished in 1978.

A plan for a new West End pier was not adapted.

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